KC’s Top Three Best Coffeeshops for Academic Success

Kitchen table study sessions getting repetitive?



Tackling on school work with a new ambiance. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Hanna Ephrem, Reporter

As the second semester begins, it is important to keep students just as determined as they were back in August. This is not always easy, especially when students are oftentimes experiencing schoolwork burnout. An easy solution can be done by switching up your homework and study spaces. Discovering new environments will keep you motivated when completing tedious school tasks. Below, I have listed three of KC’s best coffee shops, not only for their delicious assortments of treats and drinks but also for the ambiance they create for academic success.

Sweet Tee’s Coffee Shop:

2063 E Santa Fe St, Olathe, KS 66062

A glimpse of Sweet Tee’s broad mug selection. Photo courtesy of Restaurant Guru.

Olathe is home to one of the most hands-on yet cozy coffee shops I have ever been to. Sweet Tee’s is full of sofas, tables, and reading nooks which makes for the perfect space to be productive. They also offer an assortment of board games for any group wishing to have some fun. The most intriguing part about Sweet Tee’s is the way you order your drink. Hung all around Sweet Tee’s walls are hundreds of mugs, all different in size and design. When ordering a drink at Sweet Tee’s you have the opportunity to choose whichever mug you want your drink to be made in. With over 100 mugs to choose between, Sweet Tee’s is singlehandedly the most interactive coffee shop in KC!




Black Dog Coffeehouse:

12815 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66215

Black Dog Coffeehouses’ dim lighting creates a warm and classy space. Photo courtesy of Black Dog Coffeehouse.

A personal favorite of mine is Black Dog Coffeehouse which is located in Lenexa. Black Dog absolutely makes for a perfect study space. Whether working alone or in groups, Black Dog has the seating and table sizes just right. A cool feature of Black Dog Coffeehouse is that it is connected to Ibis Bakery. In only two steps you can enter an entirely different space filled with the scents of freshly baked goods. The bakery has an open format, in which you can watch the bakers in action. Black Dog also includes a quiet room, perfect for anyone seeking a silent space to complete school work. A multifunctional space like this is not to be missed by any student in KC! 

The coolest part of Black Dog coffeehouse is the open floorplan leading right into Ibis Bakery. Photo courtesy of Black Dog Coffeehouse.

Messenger Coffee Co:

1624 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108

The view from the stairwell reveals the bright aesthetic three-story building Messenger offers. Photo courtesy of The Rooftop Guide.

If you like clean and bright spaces, this aesthetically pleasing coffee shop is for you. Messenger Coffee Co, located in Kansas City, MO, offers good vibes and much more. When walking into Messenger Coffee Co, I was shocked to see that their shop consisted of three floors. It is not always easy to find a seat in busy coffee shops, but Messenger assures you a spot. Similar to Black Dog Coffeehouse, Messenger also sells Ibis bakery goods in an open format making the baking process visible to everyone. This aesthetic two-story coffee shop will certainly give you a clear mind to focus on while satisfying your taste buds!