Top 5 Vacation Destinations

The places you dream of in a vacation destination.

Joe Best, Reporter

Planning a fun and relaxing vacation always starts with picking a travel destination. Depending on whether you want an exciting adventure or a place to rest and recharge will ultimately be the deciding factor of where you go. Some locations are so cool that you can have fun-time and relaxation. These five vacation destinations are the most popular and beautiful places on Earth you may not have known about and should absolutely be on your traveling bucket list.

Bora-Bora: One of the most popular islands in French Polynesia, Bora-Bora is famous for being a major international tourist destination. Its luxury resorts are located directly on the seaside, providing a three-sixty degree view of the South Pacific Ocean. What makes Bora-Bora one of the most beautiful islands is its many lagoons and jungle forests, which give tourists the opportunity to have aquatic and offroad adventures. The white, sandy beaches also allow for time to relax and bathe in the warm Polynesian sunlight.

Bali, Indonesia: Another popular beach vacation destination is Bali. People who travel to Bali do have access to beautiful beaches, but that is usually not the main reason they choose to visit. The main features of Bali are its many exotic temples, some of which are located on gorgeous cliffsides overlooking the Indian Ocean. Exploring these Hindu temples can be educational and inspirational because of their unique architecture and symbolic meaning. Another popular attraction is the luscious green rice patties that can be found all over the Indonesian archipelago. Anyone who desires to vacation while being immersed in a foreign culture will thoroughly enjoy this surprisingly affordable choice of location.

Amalfi Coast: Famous for its incredible seaside towns, impressive beaches, and cliffs, the Amalfi Coast is straight out of a fairytale. Filled with history and intricate artistry, this beautiful southern Italy coastline overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Gulf of Salerno. Amalfi coast is made up of 13 towns, each known for its beaches, local landmarks, and overall atmosphere of leisure and enjoyment.  The flawless combination of mountains and beaches is sure to satisfy people who can’t decide between a mountain vacation or a beach vacation. 

Egypt: An obvious reason for visiting Egypt is to see the thousand-year-old pyramids that hold the bodies of ancient pharaohs. But there are many different attractions and beautiful locations to see while vacationing in Egypt. If you’re worried about being assaulted by the African sun, don’t sweat it. Lager bodies of water are no stranger here. Home to the famous Nile river, Egypt has a plethora of golden-sanded beaches that provide tourists with warm waters and idyllic river cruises. If you travel to the north, you will also find the Mediterranean Sea, and to the south is the Red Sea. Both bodies of water are well-known vacation destinations due to the Mediterranean Sea’s warm, turquoise waters and the Red Sea’s high salt content that makes you very buoyant. It is clear that Egypt is meant to be on the top of the getaway list.

New Zealand: Made up of North and South islands, New Zealand is double the value of any regular vacation. Surrounded by ocean on all sides, it certainly does not lack the beach life, but the real eye-catcher is New Zealand’s picturesque landscape. Sprinkled with mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and rainforests, it really is the complete package. Some popular facts New Zealand is known for are its professional rugby team and Maori culture, both of which are closely related due to the warlike nature of both the Maori tribe and the game of rugby. Before each rugby game, the New Zealand team performs their traditional Haka, or war dance that always gets the crowd riled up. Other attractions include glowworm caves, geothermal wonders, bungee jumping, and world-class museums. A vacation in New Zealand will no doubt be an extraordinary adventure and experience.